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Learn Computer Science and Software Engineering

Build and strengthen your computer science and software engineering knowledge through bite-sized lessons and interactive exercises.

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Understand the fundamentals, not just languages and frameworks

Our comprehensive courses teach you the underlying concepts and principles in computer science & software engineering, supported by real-world projects to help you fully understand the subjects.

Modular micro-courses

Learn through high-level lessons with minimal coding involved. Each lesson is a building block to the next, and will always teach you something new. View courses

  • Modular formatting

    Polynomal courses are structured as modules that can be taken individually to expedite an area of study, or combined for a more extensive curriculum.

  • Learning paths

    Follow along with our carefully developed learning paths to quickly master a group of related concepts or principles.

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Progress with insights

Polynomal tracks your progress in eight core subjects to create an optimal learning experience to enhance knowledge retention.

  • Tailored learning paths

    Polynomal can identify gaps in your knowledge over time and recommend personalized learning tracks targeting your weakest areas.

  • Bi-weekly updates

    Knowing how you're progressing is key to understanding what areas you need to improve. Polynomal provides bi-weekly updates on your progress to provide the insight you need to adjust your learning.

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Real-world projects

Apply what you learned after each course with carefully designed projects and real-world applications to enforce and retain the concepts you learned.

  • Developer community (coming soon)

    Utilize our community of developers and lifelong learners for code reviews, support, and more as you work through course projects.

  • Resume worthy

    Polynomal projects are not your typical project, they're designed to strain your skills and test your retention. Upon completion you'll be proud to show-off what you've built.

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Flexible curriculum for learners at every stage

Whether you're a self-taught software engineer, bootcamp grad or a college student looking to supplement your formal education, Polynomal has courses to help you excel.

Real-world Projects
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