A developer-focused metrics & monitoring platform

Tracking application metrics is complicated – so we're fixing it. Polynomal is plug-n-play and packed with features like configurable dashboards, custom metrics, host monitoring, automated alerting, and more.

Plug and play

We built Polynomal to make it easy for you to capture, query, and analyze your metrics. Let us handle the metrics so you can focus on your application.

  • <5min

    install & config time

  • 100%

    sample rate

  • 1 year

    metric lookback

Configurable dashboards

Everything you want, when you need it. What metrics you capture is as unique as your use case, so make it feel like home and build the dashboard that best suits you.

Automated alerting

Setup alerts to automatically monitor your metrics for spikes, regressions, or anamolies. Receive notifications via Slack, Email, or Discord.

Millisecond granularity

Conduct data exploration down to the millisecond. You can more accurately understand your data through timestamp granularities ranging from months to milliseconds.

Custom metrics

Capture, query, and analyze any metric you want; from the number of daily users in your application to the amount of daylight in Alaska per hour.

Unlimited applications

Track all your metrics in one place. That means you can add your company site, personal blog, and even hobby projects or experiments for no additional cost.

Supported languages

Languages are at the heart of what we do — because the languages we support are at the heart of your applications.


Ruby on Rails

& more soon

For developers, by a sole-developer

Polynomal isn't a team or a startup or a VC-funded company; it's just me. I answer only to you, my customer. I read and respond to every email personally and care deeply about the problems I'm trying to solve.

Any questions? Email [email protected]